Sutsu began a long time ago. 

Well, let's just say that I have been interested in all things skin care since I was very young. 

My first memory is when I was around 10 years old, I had read in readers digest how vitamin E oil used under the eye will prevent lines from forming and would reduce dark circles. 

I was in, all in.

Fast forward, I evolved with the trends in skin care over the years.  Some I liked, others, not so much. I've also been making my own skin care for years, giving my products to friends and family.

Then after about 10 years of research, and really getting serious about wanting to have a line of skincare that I would love and be proud of , Sutsu was born.

I wanted a skincare line that was suitable for everyone, all skin types, and , this is it! I am so happy to finally be able to share my skin care with all of you. 

All Products are made in the USA 

Laura Ann

Laugh like no one is watching.